Current Conditions as of 11:49pm on 11/29/15
Station Info:

Temperature 51.2F (24 hour change: -3.1)

East Ventura


Wind NNE 7 mph gusting to 9 mph 34 16' 36"

119 11' 00"

Humidity 26% (24 hour change: -3%)


Dewpoint 17.5F (24 hour change: -5.2)

Elev: 259'

Sunrise: 6:43am

Barometer 30.17 in. and Steady (24 hour change: 0.09in.)

Sunset: 4:47pm

Rain (last hour) 0.00 in. Twitter

Time Lapse Videos: AM, PM, Full Day
Updated at 12:05pm and 1 hr after sunset.
Ventura Storm Info Page - Ventura County storm and season rainfall totals

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68.6F at 11:26am
64.8F at 12:15pm 87.9F on 11/22/15 99.5F on 10/9/15

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Low Temperature
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45.6F at 10:24pm
41.4F at 12:31am 41.4F on 11/26/15 37.0F on 1/2/15

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Peak Wind (mph) 17 at 2:26am
19 at 9:12am
29 on 11/9/15
34 on 2/12/15

Total Rain (inches) 0.00
0.03 0.54 (since Oct. 1)

High Humidity 45% at
61% at
94% on
98% on


Low Humidity 15% at
21% at
7% on
7% on

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Ventura County Coastal Forecast (from NWS Oxnard)


Ob Time: 11/29/2015 10:51pm 11/29/2015 10:55pm
Sky Clear Clear
Temp: 50.0F 48.2F
Humidity: 27% 29%
Wind NNE 10 mph. ENE 8 mph.
Gusts: 10 mph 8 mph.
Visibility: 10 miles 10 miles
Barometer: 30.17 mb. 30.17 mb
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